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Iceland photo tours is a family company that runs tours inside Iceland and is owned by two native Icelanders; Haukur Snorrason photographer and his wife Hadda Bjork Gisladottir.

Together Haukur and Hadda run Look North Travel that operates Iceland photo tours & Highland Guide Iceland which is our side project -we organize hiking tours in the highlands in July and August. 

Look North Travel is a certified travel agency authorized by the Icelandic tourist board.

Professional photographer, pilot and a guide

Haukur Snorrason (Hawk) is a professional photographer, Iceland guide and pilot with 30 years of experience in landscape photography by hiking, driving and flying. Author of three photo-books of Icelandic landscape and nature and has provided photographs for countless landscape calendars. Haukur started his carrier at an early age accompanying his father Snorri, who travelled around Iceland for his hobby; namely landscape photography teaching and lending Haukur his cameras he used in the seventies and eighties like  Edixa, Mamya, Nikon FM and later Hasselblad. This ultimately made Haukur to choose his professional carrier in 1989 as a photographer graduating in Reykjavik 1993. Todays camera are Nikon D800 and D850.

Haukur (Hawk) says:
There are many phototours out there nowadays. We do not offer lot of tours on our webside, since its not about quantity for us, its more to enjoy every single tour we are doing with small group quality. Aside from our fixed tours seen here on our webside, then part of our work are private tours. I design the tours where I love to photograph myself and that means often off the beaten track and in places that are not "famous". When we visit famous locations we preferably get there early morning or late evening to dodge the crowds and then getting the good light as well. The weather being so ever changeable - the landscape so wonderfully diverse; for me being a native born Icelander, it still surprices me - and gives me new photo experiences. I am always happy to share my photographic visions and experience during the tours to anyone interested. I also find it important during our tours to inform our travellers about basic information about Iceland ; specially its geology and culture. Plus leading photo tours, I time to time enjoy guideing hiking tours and tours of general interest specially into the highlands of Iceland. 

Travel agency- and guesthouse manager who loves cooking

Hadda Bjork is the general manager of Look North Travel. She has a background within the health-care business and has in the past been working as a marketing manager for international pharmaceutical companies. Hadda is also a great lover of hiking in nature and travelling in Iceland and is quite well known for her excellent cooking skills which she sometimes does during some of our tours.