Photography excursions in Iceland

...Undoubtedly One of the Finest Photographic Destinations in the World.

Iceland Photo Tours is a company specializing in Landscape Photography Tours in Iceland.

We offer Guided Photography Tours, Photography Vacations and Holidays.

Iceland is undoubtedly one of the finest photographic destinations in the world where you will find diverse landscapes and spectacular scenery. We will help you exceed your expectations and capture many stunning and unique photographs of the country.

Passion for Photography is All You Need
Our customers are both professional and amateur photographers. We welcome enthusiastic photographers of all skill levels on our tours. Our guides are photographers who can give you guidance, advice and critique regarding photography as well as information about the history and geography of Iceland. Our photography tours are aimed at maximizing the time spent in the field. We do not spend time on teaching nor lectures. Our aim is simply to help you find and create images that express your unique experience.

Photography Location Finding
We also offer our expertise with Film Location, Fashion Photography and Commercial Industrial Photography where the unique Icelandic Nature and Landscape plays a role.

Capture Nature


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