Highland Photo Tour

Highland Photo Tour

An adventurous tour to the beautiful hidden pearls away from mass tourism. 

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

24 August - 30th  2020

23 August - 29th 2021

Group Size Min 3 Max 7 persons. - 4 spots left !


Price per person incl. full board meals, accommodation, photographer as guide and all transport modified and spacious trucks : double occupancy ISK 595.000 / single occupancy ISK 690.000


About the tour:

The highlands are an amazing place to visit, varied, pristine, colourful and away from tourism so you got the feel you are alone in the world at times. Nothing more makes you take better photographs than being at peace like that. The entire highland area is an exceptional place to photograph, as the landscape is full of contrasts and the light and colors are always changing. The mountains attract clouds and rays of the sun often stream through the layers of clouds. The vegetation is mostly moss, so you will see volcanic black sand against varied shades of green colors of moss, and in the Landmannalaugar area, you will see varied colors of rhyolite. There are also rivers and streams that help create patterns in our photographs. We will take advantage of good light morning /evenings. We make day tours into the highlands from nice hotels, so we have all luxury with private bathrooms. Our two accommodations are located as close to the interior as possible. Picnic lunches.
We will be traveling in a 4×4 vehicle, so there will be no problem crossing the terrain including the open rivers. We will go to some very remote places not often visited by tourists, and on some of the days, you may only see a few people during the whole day. These places are among the best locations in Iceland to photograph. Still its an easy travel and we do only easy walks. Our Van is always close by where we are photographing so you can bring the gear you want.
During our tour, we will take a break from the highlands and visit Vatnajökull National Park where we find the Glacier Lagoon and Fjallsárlón Lagoon with its floating icebergs. The schedule of the trip may be rearranged for the best weather conditions and light at each location, so be prepared to be flexible. This way we can make this tour as successful as possible. Group size 4-7

You are most welcome!

Day 1: Geothermal area and Thjorsardalur Valley

You will be picked up from your hotel in Reykjavik around 8:00 am. We start by visiting the geothermal areas in Hellisheidi. From there we go to Thjorsardalur Valley where we will photograph beautiful streams and waterfalls in Gjain, a small canyon. We end the day by visiting a moonscape-like area in the highlands. Accommodation: Hrauneyjar Highland Center

Day 2: Landmannalaugar area

Today we will head to Landmannalaugar highlands where we will photograph Sigöldufoss waterfall, colorful rhyolite mountains, the Laugahraun Lava Field and the multicolor Brennisteinsalda Mountain. Be prepared for some hiking 3-4 hours, slow paced. ( The 3-4 hours include the photo stops ) Optional is a shorter hike. Accommodation: Hrauneyjar Highland Center

Day 3: Colourful Geothermal area and Highland route south to Hrifunes

After an early breakfast, we will pack our gear and head to the Krakatindar Highland Route and make our way to the Fjallabak Nature Reserve’s south route toward our overnight lodging in Hrifunes. On this route, we will see various landscapes including barren fields of lava and volcanic sand, mossy green mountains, multicolour fields of colour deposits, open rivers and wide fields of the highlands surrounded by rhyolite and the majestic hyaloclastite mountains. Accommodation: Hrifunes Guesthouse

Day 4: Nearby Hrifunes; Öldufells route and Katla glacier tong.

Today we will be enjoying the area of our Hrifunes guesthouse. We will take the Öldufell Highland route which is just by our doorstep into the lower highlands where we will photograph black sand dunes and neon green moss patterns. We will then drive to Katla Glacier tong and photograph the black /white patterns and lines of the Glacier. Accommodation: Hrifunes Guesthouse

Day 5: Langisjór Lake and Sveinstindur Mountain

Langisjór Lake lies southwest of Vatnajökull Glacier in a beautiful and picturesque landscape. It is 20 km long and up to 2 km wide. The lake is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Iceland with many islands, cliffs and spectacular landscape surrounding it. To the east of Langisjór Lake are the hyaloclastite mountains, Fögrufjöll. Toward the west, you will see Mount Breidbakur, famous for its moonscape, and on the south of the lake is the Sveinstindur Mountain and the glacial river, Skaftá. Accommodation: Hrifunes Guesthouse

Day 6: Jökulsarlón Glacier Lagoon and Vatnajökull National Park

We will drive east toward the Vatnajökull Glacier National Park. We will photograph the glacier outlets at Svínafellsjökull and Fjallsárlón lagoon. From there the tour will continue to the Glacier Lagoon. Accommodation: Hrifunes Guesthouse

Day 7: Fjallabak South Route towards Reykjavik

Today we will take the Fjallabak South Route back to Reykjavik. We will stop at many magnificent places such as Maelifellssandur and Mount Maelifell in early morning light, Markarfljót Canyon and Gluggafoss Waterfall.

Price includes:
Accommodation: All accommodation costs during the tour.
Meals: Breakfast from the second day until the last day, picnic or light restaurant lunch every day, dinners from day one until the second to last day.
Transportation & guiding: Professional English speaking driver guide and photographer, Vehicle: 4X4 truck (Jeep) and gasoline.

Not included: 
Cost of flight to Keflavik/Iceland, transportation to and from airport (although this can be arranged) and hotel accommodation in Reykjavík.

more information: info@phototours.is

Climate and clothing recommendations

The Gulf Stream is what makes Iceland inhabitable, and without it, the whole country would most likely be covered by ice. The winters are fairly mild and summers are cool. The weather can be unpredictable and very windy and rainy at times. A popular saying in Iceland is “if you don’t like the weather right now, just wait five minutes” as you may occasionally experience the four seasons all in one day: sunshine and mild temperatures to windy, cool temperatures with rain or even snow. The average temperature in January is 0 C (32 F) and the average temperature in July is 12 C (54 F)

In the view of the climate description above, we can only advise visitors to be prepared for everything. No matter what time of year you plan to visit Iceland, always pack some warm and water resistant clothes, hats, gloves and good walking shoes. 

Practical list, independent of the season of the year

1. Warm underwear

2. Sweater or a warm jacket/coat

3. Wind- and waterproof overcoat and over trousers

4. Extra pair of warm socks

5. Gloves and a cap 
6. Hiking shoes (waterproof boots for winter photo tours)
7. Slippers and possibly light trainers
9. Sunglasses (optional!)

10. Electric converter (Iceland uses 220 volts)
11. Torch or headlight (winter photo tours)